I never do any television without chocolate. That’s my motto and I live by it. Quite often I write the scripts and I make sure there are chocolate scenes. Actually I’m a bit of a chocolate tart and will eat anything. It’s amazing I’m so slim.

Dawn French


The Quote in Other Words

My motto is to never appear on television without chocolate, and I strictly adhere to it. I frequently incorporate chocolate scenes into the scripts I write. Despite being a self-proclaimed chocolate lover who will eat anything, I am surprised that I am able to maintain a slim figure.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the importance of indulging in life’s simple pleasures. For the speaker, chocolate is not just a treat, but a necessary component of their work and daily routine. By incorporating chocolate into their scripts and daily life, the speaker is able to find joy and satisfaction in their work.

Furthermore, the speaker’s ability to enjoy chocolate without negatively impacting their physical appearance challenges societal norms and expectations surrounding food and body image. This quote encourages individuals to embrace their own unique preferences and pleasures, rather than conforming to societal standards.

Overall, this quote serves as a reminder to prioritize self-care and enjoyment in one’s daily life, even in the smallest of ways.