It is quite amazing what I didn’t feel after a while. I didn’t really want to feel things.

Kate Moss


The Quote in Other Words

After some time, I was surprised by how numb I had become. I had no desire to experience emotions.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the idea of emotional numbness and the desire to avoid feeling pain or discomfort. It suggests that the speaker has intentionally shut down their emotions in order to protect themselves from the negative experiences that come with feeling deeply. This can be a coping mechanism for dealing with trauma or difficult situations, but it can also be a hindrance to personal growth and connection with others.

The quote also highlights the power of the mind to control our emotions. By choosing not to feel, the speaker is exerting a level of control over their own emotional state. However, this control comes at a cost, as it limits their ability to fully experience the world around them. It is important to find a balance between protecting ourselves and allowing ourselves to feel deeply and authentically.

Overall, this quote raises important questions about the role of emotions in our lives and the ways in which we can navigate difficult experiences. It reminds us that while it may be tempting to shut down and avoid feeling, true growth and healing come from facing our emotions head-on.