One thing, however, is sure, – that in all cases the effort should be to impose all the cost of repairing the wrong upon the doer of the wrong. This alone is real justice, and of course such justice is necessarily free.

Benjamin Tucker


The Quote in Other Words

One certainty is that in every situation, the focus should be on making the wrongdoer responsible for the expenses of fixing their mistake. This is the only true form of justice, and it goes without saying that this type of justice is not accompanied by any costs.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the importance of holding wrongdoers accountable for their actions. It suggests that the cost of repairing any harm caused by their actions should be borne solely by the person who committed the wrong. This approach to justice is seen as the only true form of justice, and it is also free.

The quote implies that justice should not be a burden on the victim or society as a whole. Instead, the person responsible for the wrongdoing should be held accountable for their actions and made to pay for any damages caused. This approach not only ensures that justice is served but also acts as a deterrent to others who may be tempted to engage in similar behavior.

Overall, this quote emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility and accountability in ensuring justice is served. It highlights the need for a fair and just system that holds individuals accountable for their actions and ensures that the cost of repairing any harm caused is borne by the wrongdoer alone.