We start ‘The Butler’ in June and that’s incredibly exciting for me because I get to work with the amazing Forest Whitaker again. It’s a phenomenal script and a great, great role – I play his son. Oprah Winfrey is his wife and my mother. My character is a radical civil rights activist.

David Oyelowo


The Quote in Other Words

I am thrilled to begin filming ‘The Butler’ in June, as it means I will have the opportunity to collaborate with the talented Forest Whitaker once more. The script is exceptional, and I am honored to portray a significant role as his son. Oprah Winfrey will portray my character’s mother and his wife. My character is a passionate advocate for civil rights.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the excitement of an actor to work on a new project with a talented cast and a compelling script. The mention of playing a radical civil rights activist suggests that the film will explore important social issues and historical events. This could provide an opportunity for the actor to delve into a complex character and showcase their range as an actor.

Furthermore, the mention of Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey as co-stars adds to the anticipation for the film. Both actors are known for their powerful performances and their ability to bring depth and nuance to their roles. The fact that the actor has worked with Whitaker before suggests a strong working relationship and the potential for a dynamic on-screen chemistry.

Overall, this quote hints at a film that will be both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant, with a talented cast bringing their A-game to the project. It will be interesting to see how the actor approaches their role as a civil rights activist and how the film tackles this important period in American history.