Say not that honor is the child of boldness, nor believe thou that the hazard of life alone can pay the price of it: it is not to the action that it is due, but to the manner of performing it.



The Quote in Other Words

Do not claim that courage is the sole source of honor, and do not assume that risking one’s life is the only way to attain it. Honor is not solely derived from the act itself, but rather from the way in which it is carried out.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the idea that honor is not simply a result of taking bold actions or risking one’s life. Rather, it is the manner in which those actions are performed that determines whether or not honor is earned. In other words, it is not enough to simply take risks or act boldly; one must also act with integrity, courage, and a sense of purpose in order to truly earn honor.

This quote challenges us to think about what it means to act with honor and integrity in our own lives. It reminds us that simply taking risks or being bold is not enough; we must also act in a way that is consistent with our values and beliefs. Whether we are facing difficult decisions at work, in our personal lives, or in our communities, this quote encourages us to think carefully about how we can act with honor and integrity in all that we do.

Ultimately, this quote reminds us that honor is not something that can be earned through actions alone. Rather, it is a reflection of the way in which we live our lives and the values that we hold dear. By striving to act with integrity and purpose in all that we do, we can earn the respect and admiration of those around us and truly live a life of honor.