We are on the precipice of a crisis, a Constitutional crisis. The checks and balances, which have been at the core of this Republic, are about to be evaporated by the nuclear option. The checks and balances that say if you get 51% of the vote, you don’t get your way 100% of the time. It is amazing, it’s almost a temper tantrum.

Charles Schumer


The Quote in Other Words

We are facing a critical situation, a Constitutional crisis, where the fundamental principles of our Republic, such as checks and balances, are at risk of being eliminated through the nuclear option. This means that if one party gets a slim majority, they will have complete control, which goes against the idea that a majority should not have absolute power. It’s astonishing and resembles a childish outburst.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the importance of checks and balances in a democratic society. The speaker suggests that the current political climate is threatening the very foundation of the Republic by eroding these essential safeguards. The nuclear option, which allows a simple majority to override the traditional filibuster, is seen as a dangerous tool that could lead to the tyranny of the majority.

The speaker also points out that the idea of compromise and cooperation is being replaced by a winner-takes-all mentality. This is reflected in the notion that if you have a slim majority, you can impose your will on the minority without any regard for their interests or concerns. This approach is likened to a temper tantrum, suggesting that it is immature and short-sighted.

Overall, this quote serves as a warning about the dangers of undermining the checks and balances that are essential for a healthy democracy. It highlights the need for cooperation, compromise, and respect for minority rights in order to maintain a stable and just society.