When anything goes digital, let alone something as immaterial as a book, there is a tendency to see it as just in the air to be taken, and to lose the sense that somebody once made it.

Graham Swift


The Quote in Other Words

When something is digitized, especially something intangible like a book, people tend to view it as freely available and forget that it was created by someone.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the tendency of people to view digital content as something that is easily accessible and free for the taking. The intangible nature of digital media can make it easy to forget that someone put in the time and effort to create it. This can lead to a lack of appreciation for the work that went into producing the content.

Furthermore, the quote suggests that the ease of access to digital content can lead to a devaluation of the work itself. When something is readily available, it can be taken for granted and not given the same level of respect as something that is harder to obtain. This can be particularly problematic for creators who rely on their work for their livelihood.

Overall, this quote serves as a reminder that digital content should not be taken for granted and that we should remember the effort that went into creating it. It also highlights the importance of valuing and respecting the work of creators, even in the digital age.