I’d love to write something for a male protagonist. That’s sort of the next frontier for me. I think it’d be really amazing to write the kind of parts that I love for women but for a guy.

Lena Dunham


The Quote in Other Words

I am eager to create a story with a male lead character. It is a new challenge for me, and I believe it would be incredible to write roles that I enjoy writing for women, but for a male character.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the desire of a writer to explore new territories in their craft. The writer expresses their interest in creating a male protagonist, which is a departure from their usual focus on female characters. This desire to expand their writing skills and explore new perspectives is admirable and shows a willingness to take risks.

Creating a male protagonist can be a challenging task, especially for a writer who is used to writing for female characters. It requires a deep understanding of the male psyche and the ability to create a character that is relatable and authentic. However, the writer’s willingness to take on this challenge shows their commitment to growth and development as a writer.

In conclusion, this quote highlights the importance of pushing oneself out of their comfort zone and exploring new avenues in their craft. It is a reminder that growth and development come from taking risks and embracing new challenges.