Those who remember Washington’s cold war culture in the 1980s will recall the shocked reactions to Reagan’s intervention. People interested in foreign policy were astonished when in 1985 he met alone at Geneva – alone, not a single strategic thinker at his elbow! – with the Soviet Communist master Gorbachev.

Russell Baker


The Quote in Other Words

Those who have memories of the cold war culture in Washington during the 1980s will remember the surprised responses to Reagan’s involvement. Those who were concerned about foreign policy were amazed when he had a one-on-one meeting with the Soviet Communist leader Gorbachev in Geneva in 1985, without any strategic advisors present.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the surprise and shock that many people felt when President Reagan met with Soviet leader Gorbachev in 1985. At the time, the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in a tense and dangerous Cold War, and many people believed that any direct communication between the two leaders could lead to disaster.

However, Reagan’s decision to meet with Gorbachev alone, without any advisors or strategic thinkers present, was a bold move that ultimately helped to ease tensions between the two countries. By engaging in direct dialogue with the Soviet leader, Reagan was able to build a relationship of trust and respect that paved the way for future negotiations and agreements.

This quote serves as a reminder that sometimes the most effective solutions to complex problems require bold and unconventional approaches. By stepping outside of the traditional diplomatic channels and engaging in direct communication with his adversary, Reagan was able to achieve a breakthrough that many thought was impossible.