I have Graham Greene’s telephone number, but I wouldn’t dream of using it. I don’t seek out writers because we all want to be alone.

Patricia Highsmith


The Quote in Other Words

Although I possess Graham Greene’s phone number, I have no intention of contacting him as I understand that writers value their solitude and I do not wish to intrude upon that.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the idea that writers, despite their public personas and the attention they may receive, ultimately crave solitude. The speaker acknowledges that they have access to a well-known writer’s phone number, but they choose not to use it because they understand the importance of respecting a writer’s need for privacy and isolation.

This sentiment is not unique to writers; many creative individuals require solitude to focus on their work and find inspiration. It can be difficult to balance the desire for connection and collaboration with the need for uninterrupted concentration. However, the speaker’s decision not to reach out to the writer demonstrates a deep respect for their craft and their personal boundaries.

Ultimately, this quote highlights the importance of respecting the creative process and the individual needs of artists. While it may be tempting to seek out connections with those we admire, it is crucial to remember that creative work often requires solitude and introspection.