When the shriveled skin of the ordinary is stuffed out with meaning, it satisfies the senses amazingly.

Virginia Woolf


The Quote in Other Words

When ordinary things are given significance, their appearance becomes more pleasing to the senses.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the power of finding meaning in the mundane. When we take something ordinary and imbue it with significance, it can become a source of great pleasure and satisfaction. This is because we are able to see beyond the surface level and appreciate the deeper layers of meaning that exist within the world around us.

At its core, this quote is about the transformative power of perception. By shifting our perspective and looking at things in a new way, we can unlock hidden depths and find beauty in unexpected places. This is a reminder that there is always more to discover and appreciate in the world, if we are willing to look for it.

Ultimately, this quote is a call to action to seek out meaning and significance in our everyday lives. By doing so, we can find joy and fulfillment in even the most ordinary of experiences.