Since ‘Idol’ I’ve gotten used to having an amazing hair and make-up team around me, so I’m starting to get picky. I know what I like now and I’m happy to say ‘Could we maybe change that?’ if I don’t like something. I don’t yell or anything, but I think I could definitely start to act a little diva-ish when it comes to my look.

Jordin Sparks


The Quote in Other Words

After being on ‘Idol’, I have become accustomed to having a fantastic hair and makeup crew at my disposal, which has made me more selective. I am now aware of my preferences and am comfortable expressing my dissatisfaction by saying ‘Can we alter that?’ if something doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t shout or anything, but I believe I may begin to behave somewhat like a diva when it comes to my appearance.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the importance of self-awareness and confidence in one’s personal style. The speaker has become accustomed to having a team of professionals cater to their appearance, and as a result, has developed a discerning eye for what they like and don’t like. This newfound confidence in their preferences has given them the ability to speak up and make requests, even if it means coming across as a bit of a diva.

However, it’s important to note that the speaker doesn’t resort to yelling or being rude. Instead, they assert themselves in a respectful manner, which is a valuable lesson for anyone who wants to communicate their needs effectively. Ultimately, this quote is a reminder that it’s okay to be picky and to have high standards for oneself, as long as it’s done with grace and respect for others.