I envy the sensibility in Europe, appreciating beauty in women as they age. I’m going to go that way. I might dye my gray hair for a bit, but beyond that the buck stops. I’m not having any work done.

Arthur Smith


The Quote in Other Words

I admire how Europeans appreciate the beauty of aging women and I want to adopt that mindset. Maybe I’ll color my gray hair temporarily, but I won’t go any further than that. I won’t undergo any cosmetic procedures.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the societal pressure placed on women to maintain a youthful appearance. The speaker expresses admiration for the European sensibility of appreciating the beauty of aging women, rather than valuing only youthfulness. This sentiment challenges the notion that beauty is solely based on physical appearance and encourages a shift towards valuing inner qualities and experiences.

The speaker’s decision to not have any work done on their appearance highlights the importance of self-acceptance and embracing natural aging. This can be a difficult mindset to adopt in a culture that often equates youth with beauty and success. However, by rejecting societal expectations and embracing their own unique journey, the speaker sets an example for others to do the same.

Overall, this quote encourages a shift towards valuing inner qualities and experiences over physical appearance, and promotes self-acceptance and embracing natural aging.