Science is analytical, descriptive, informative. Man does not live by bread alone, but by science he attempts to do so. Hence the deadliness of all that is purely scientific.

Eric Gill


The Quote in Other Words

Science is a field that involves analysis, description, and information. Although humans cannot survive on bread alone, they rely on science to try to do so. This is why purely scientific pursuits can be dangerous.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the power of science in shaping our lives. Science is analytical, descriptive, and informative, providing us with a deeper understanding of the world around us. However, the quote also suggests that relying solely on science can be deadly. This is because science often focuses on the technical aspects of life, neglecting the emotional and spiritual needs of individuals.

The quote also suggests that science can be used to satisfy our basic needs, such as food and shelter. However, it is important to remember that humans are not just physical beings, but also emotional and spiritual ones. Therefore, relying solely on science to meet our needs can lead to a lack of fulfillment and a sense of emptiness.

In conclusion, this quote reminds us of the importance of balance in our lives. While science is a powerful tool, it should not be the only focus of our lives. We must also pay attention to our emotional and spiritual needs to live a fulfilling life.