The amazing fact is that America is founded on a document. It’s a work in progress. It can be tested by each generation.

Christopher Hitchens


The Quote in Other Words

It’s astonishing that America’s foundation is based on a written record that is constantly evolving and can be evaluated by every era.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the unique nature of America’s founding document, the Constitution. Unlike many other countries, America’s foundation is not based on a particular leader or ruler, but rather on a set of principles and values enshrined in a document that is constantly evolving. This means that each generation has the opportunity to test and refine the Constitution, ensuring that it remains relevant and effective in the face of changing circumstances.

The idea of a “work in progress” also suggests that the Constitution is not a static or fixed document, but rather one that is open to interpretation and adaptation. This flexibility has allowed America to weather many challenges and crises over the years, from civil war to economic depression to social upheaval. It also means that the Constitution can continue to evolve and improve in response to new challenges and opportunities.

Overall, this quote reminds us of the enduring power and importance of America’s founding document, and the ongoing responsibility we all have to uphold and improve upon its principles and values.