The power that is supported by force alone will have cause often to tremble.

Lajos Kossuth


The Quote in Other Words

The power that relies solely on coercion will frequently experience fear.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the idea that power that is solely based on force is not sustainable in the long run. While force may be effective in the short term, it often leads to fear and resentment among those who are subjected to it. This can ultimately lead to instability and a loss of power for those who rely on force alone.

Furthermore, the use of force can also create a cycle of violence and retaliation, which can further undermine the power of those who rely on it. In contrast, power that is based on respect, trust, and cooperation is much more likely to be sustainable over time.

Ultimately, this quote serves as a reminder that true power comes not from domination and control, but from the ability to inspire and lead others towards a common goal. By focusing on building relationships and fostering mutual respect, we can create a more stable and just society for all.