It’s not the normal way to look at things but I experienced death at a really young age and because of that it’s been part of my mental landscape that death is really very possible.

Cate Blanchett


The Quote in Other Words

Due to my early encounter with death, I have a different perspective on life where I acknowledge the possibility of death being a reality.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the impact that experiencing death at a young age can have on one’s perspective. It suggests that this experience can shape one’s mental landscape and make them more aware of the fragility of life. While this may not be the “normal” way to look at things, it can lead to a greater appreciation for the present moment and a sense of urgency to make the most of one’s time.

Furthermore, this quote highlights the importance of acknowledging and accepting the reality of death. By recognizing that death is a possibility, we can better prepare ourselves for it and live our lives with intention and purpose. It also emphasizes the need to cherish our relationships and make meaningful connections with others, as we never know when our time may come to an end.

Overall, this quote encourages us to embrace the inevitability of death and use it as a reminder to live fully and authentically.