I’ve done my best to work from a place of humility – always looking over your shoulder saying, ‘Does this suck?’ and I think that’s a good way to work. The other way to work is where you start to think, ‘I’m on fire, I’m amazing!’ and I don’t think that’s the way to work.

David O. Russell


The Quote in Other Words

I have strived to approach my work with humility, constantly questioning whether it is satisfactory. This approach is beneficial. Conversely, adopting an attitude of self-importance and overconfidence is not conducive to good work.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the importance of humility in the creative process. The speaker suggests that constantly questioning one’s work and striving for improvement is a more effective approach than becoming complacent and overconfident. This mindset allows for a willingness to learn and grow, as well as a recognition that there is always room for improvement.

Furthermore, the quote touches on the dangers of ego and self-importance. When one becomes too focused on their own greatness, they may lose sight of the bigger picture and become resistant to feedback or criticism. This can ultimately hinder their progress and limit their potential.

Overall, the quote emphasizes the value of humility and self-awareness in the pursuit of excellence. By remaining humble and open to feedback, individuals can continue to improve and reach new heights in their creative endeavors.