The only people who like to live alone more than comics are priests.

Colin Quinn


The Quote in Other Words

Priests are the only ones who enjoy living alone more than comic artists.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote suggests that comics and priests share a common trait of enjoying solitude. While it may seem like an odd comparison, both professions require a certain level of introspection and reflection. Comics often spend hours alone, honing their craft and perfecting their jokes. Similarly, priests may spend time in prayer and contemplation, seeking guidance and clarity.

Living alone can also provide a sense of freedom and independence. Comics and priests may appreciate the ability to control their own schedules and pursue their passions without distraction. However, it’s important to note that living alone can also be isolating and lonely. It’s important for both comics and priests to maintain social connections and seek support when needed.

Overall, this quote highlights the value of solitude and introspection in certain professions. While it may not be for everyone, living alone can provide a sense of independence and freedom that is highly valued by some individuals.