We hold that the most wonderful and splendid proof of genius is a great poem produced in a civilized age.

Jeremy Bentham


The Quote in Other Words

We believe that a magnificent demonstration of talent is a remarkable poem created during a period of civilization.


Explanation of the Quote

The quote suggests that a great poem produced in a civilized age is the ultimate proof of genius. It implies that the ability to create something beautiful and meaningful in a time of order and structure is a true testament to one’s talent and creativity. This is because a civilized age is characterized by a high level of education, culture, and refinement, which makes it more challenging to stand out and create something truly exceptional.

Furthermore, the quote highlights the importance of poetry as an art form that can capture the essence of human experience and emotion. A great poem has the power to move people, to inspire them, and to make them see the world in a new light. It can transcend time and place, and speak to people across generations and cultures.

In conclusion, the quote emphasizes the significance of poetry as a measure of genius and creativity. It suggests that producing a great poem in a civilized age is a remarkable achievement that requires exceptional talent, skill, and insight. It also underscores the enduring power of poetry to touch people’s hearts and minds, and to enrich our understanding of the world around us.