Voice-acting, on the fun meter, is off the scale. You show up, you don’t have to be all primped up, or dressed up. And you get to work with some amazing people, and goof off for four hours.

Jason Marsden


The Quote in Other Words

In the world of voice-acting, the level of enjoyment is immeasurable. There’s no need to worry about your appearance, as you can simply show up and get to work alongside incredibly talented individuals, all while having a blast for four hours.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the joy and excitement that comes with voice-acting. Unlike other forms of acting, voice-acting allows individuals to let loose and have fun without worrying about their appearance. The focus is solely on the voice and the ability to bring a character to life through tone, inflection, and emotion.

Furthermore, the quote emphasizes the collaborative nature of voice-acting. Working with talented individuals allows for a creative exchange of ideas and the opportunity to learn from one another. The four-hour sessions provide a space for actors to experiment and try new things, resulting in a dynamic and engaging performance.

Overall, this quote showcases the unique and enjoyable aspects of voice-acting, making it a desirable career path for those who love to have fun and collaborate with others.