What you know about the people whom you know at all well is truly amazing, even though you have never formulated it.

Harry Stack Sullivan


The Quote in Other Words

The extent of your knowledge about the individuals you are familiar with is truly remarkable, despite the fact that you have never consciously articulated it.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the depth of knowledge we possess about the people we know well, even if we have never consciously thought about it. It suggests that our understanding of others goes beyond surface-level information and extends to a more intuitive and subconscious level. This knowledge is built over time through shared experiences, conversations, and observations.

Furthermore, this quote implies that our understanding of others is unique and personal. It is shaped by our individual perspectives, biases, and experiences. What we know about someone may differ from what others know about them, even if we share the same relationship with that person. This highlights the complexity of human relationships and the importance of recognizing and respecting individual perspectives.

Overall, this quote encourages us to reflect on the depth of our knowledge about the people in our lives and to appreciate the unique and personal nature of our understanding of them.