My learning process is by eye alone it’s not at all scientific.

Miuccia Prada


The Quote in Other Words

My method of learning relies solely on observation and is not at all based on scientific principles.


Explanation of the Quote

The quote “My learning process is by eye alone it’s not at all scientific” suggests that the speaker relies on their intuition and observation skills rather than following a structured and scientific approach to learning. This approach may be effective for some individuals who have a natural talent for visual learning and can quickly grasp concepts by observing and analyzing them.

However, this approach may not be suitable for everyone, especially those who require a more structured and systematic approach to learning. While relying on intuition and observation can be helpful, it is important to balance it with a scientific approach that involves testing hypotheses, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions based on evidence.

In conclusion, while the quote highlights the importance of intuition and observation in the learning process, it is essential to recognize the value of a scientific approach to learning. By combining both approaches, individuals can enhance their learning experience and achieve their goals more effectively.