When someone says that I’m angry it’s actually a compliment. I have not always been direct with my anger in my relationships, which is part of why I’d write about it in my songs because I had such fear around expressing anger as a woman.

Alanis Morissette


The Quote in Other Words

Being called angry is actually a form of praise, according to me. Due to my apprehension about expressing anger as a woman, I have often been indirect in my relationships. This is why I choose to write about it in my songs.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the societal expectations placed on women to suppress their anger and emotions. The speaker acknowledges that they have struggled with expressing their anger in their personal relationships, and instead channeled it into their art. However, being labeled as “angry” is seen as a compliment because it means they are finally being honest and direct about their emotions.

This quote also sheds light on the power dynamics at play in relationships, where women are often expected to be passive and submissive. By embracing their anger and expressing it openly, the speaker is challenging these gender norms and reclaiming their agency.

Overall, this quote encourages women to embrace their anger and use it as a tool for empowerment and self-expression. It also serves as a reminder that being labeled as “angry” should not be seen as a negative thing, but rather a sign of strength and authenticity.