I was drafted into the Army when I was 19 and came out at age 22. Most people that I knew didn’t think they’d come home alive. I didn’t think I would either, so I was happy when I did.

Lev Grossman


The Quote in Other Words

At the age of 19, I was enlisted in the Army and discharged at 22. Majority of the individuals I associated with had doubts about returning home alive, and I shared the same sentiment. Therefore, I was overjoyed when I made it back.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the harsh reality of war and the toll it takes on those who are drafted into it. The author’s experience of being drafted at a young age and facing the possibility of not returning home alive is a common one for many soldiers. The fact that the author was happy to have survived the war highlights the trauma and fear that soldiers face on a daily basis.

The quote also sheds light on the sacrifices that soldiers make for their country. The author’s willingness to put their life on the line for their country is a testament to their bravery and dedication. It is important to remember and honor the sacrifices that soldiers make, as they often go unrecognized and unappreciated.

Overall, this quote serves as a reminder of the harsh realities of war and the sacrifices that soldiers make for their country. It is important to acknowledge and honor their bravery and dedication, and to work towards creating a world where war is no longer necessary.