Catholics and evangelicals need to remain allied, and in solidarity, against the increasingly aggressive secularism of our age.

John le Carre


The Quote in Other Words

Catholics and evangelicals should maintain their alliance and solidarity to combat the growing hostility of secularism in our time.


Explanation of the Quote

The quote highlights the importance of unity between Catholics and evangelicals in the face of growing secularism. It suggests that these two groups, despite their theological differences, share a common goal of preserving religious values and traditions in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to faith.

The call for solidarity is particularly relevant in today’s society, where secularism is often seen as a threat to religious freedom and expression. By working together, Catholics and evangelicals can pool their resources and influence to defend their beliefs and promote a more tolerant and inclusive society.

However, achieving this unity may require overcoming historical divisions and finding common ground on key issues. It may also require a willingness to engage in dialogue and compromise, while remaining true to one’s core beliefs. Ultimately, the quote reminds us that the fight against secularism is not a battle that can be won alone, but one that requires a united front.