I just yesterday returned from a trip where I photographed a woman with two children whom I photographed first when she was the age of the older of the two children.

Walker Percy


The Quote in Other Words

Recently, I came back from a journey during which I captured images of a lady with two kids. Interestingly, I had previously taken her picture when she was the same age as the elder child.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the power of photography in capturing the passage of time and the changes that occur in our lives. The photographer has returned to a subject they first captured years ago, and now sees her with two children, one of whom is the same age she was when they first met. This highlights the way that photography can freeze a moment in time, allowing us to revisit it and reflect on how we and the world around us have changed.

At the same time, this quote also touches on the way that photography can connect us to others. By returning to this woman and her children, the photographer is able to see how their lives have unfolded and to share in their experiences. This speaks to the way that photography can be a powerful tool for empathy and understanding, allowing us to connect with people and places that might otherwise be beyond our reach.

Overall, this quote reminds us of the many ways that photography can enrich our lives, from capturing memories to fostering connections with others. It highlights the importance of taking the time to document our experiences and the people around us, and of using photography as a means of exploring the world and our place within it.