My buildings don’t speak in words but by means of their own spaciousness.

Thom Mayne


The Quote in Other Words

My structures communicate through their expansive interiors rather than verbal language.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the idea that architecture can communicate without the use of language. The spaciousness of a building can convey a sense of openness, freedom, and possibility. It can inspire awe and wonder, and create a sense of connection between people and their environment.

The quote also suggests that buildings have their own unique personalities and identities. They can express the values and beliefs of their creators, and reflect the cultural and historical context in which they were built. In this way, architecture can be seen as a form of art, capable of evoking emotions and shaping our experiences of the world around us.

Overall, this quote invites us to consider the power of architecture to communicate and inspire, and to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the built environment.