Things are beautiful if you love them.

Jean Anouilh


The Quote in Other Words

If you have affection for something, it becomes beautiful.


Explanation of the Quote

The beauty of things lies in the eyes of the beholder. This quote emphasizes the importance of love and appreciation in perceiving beauty. It suggests that beauty is not an inherent quality of things but rather a subjective experience that is shaped by our emotions and attitudes towards them. When we love something, we tend to see its positive aspects and overlook its flaws. Conversely, when we dislike something, we tend to focus on its negative aspects and ignore its virtues. Therefore, the quote encourages us to cultivate a positive and loving attitude towards things to see their beauty. It also implies that beauty is not limited to physical appearance but can be found in various forms, such as nature, art, music, and people. Ultimately, the quote reminds us that beauty is a reflection of our inner world and that we have the power to create it through our thoughts and feelings.