You come into the world alone and you go out of the world alone yet it seems to me you are more alone while living than even going and coming.

Emily Carr


The Quote in Other Words

Although you are born and die without companionship, it appears that you experience greater solitude during your lifetime than during your departure and arrival.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the paradoxical nature of human existence. Despite being surrounded by people, we often feel alone and disconnected from others. The author suggests that this feeling of loneliness is even more pronounced during our lifetime than at the moment of our birth or death.

One possible explanation for this phenomenon is the complexity of human relationships. While we crave connection and intimacy, we also struggle with trust, vulnerability, and communication. As a result, we may feel isolated even when we are surrounded by friends and family.

Another factor that contributes to our sense of loneliness is the existential nature of our existence. As conscious beings, we are aware of our mortality and the ultimate futility of our actions. This awareness can lead to feelings of despair and isolation, as we struggle to find meaning and purpose in our lives.

Overall, this quote invites us to reflect on the nature of human connection and the challenges we face in building meaningful relationships. It reminds us that despite our best efforts, we may still feel alone and disconnected from others, and that this is a natural part of the human experience.