Hatred is an affair of the heart contempt that of the head.

Arthur Schopenhauer


The Quote in Other Words

Hatred is an emotion that stems from the heart, while contempt is a feeling that originates from the mind.


Explanation of the Quote

The quote “Hatred is an affair of the heart, contempt that of the head” suggests that hatred and contempt are two distinct emotions that originate from different parts of our being. Hatred is an intense feeling of dislike or animosity towards someone or something, which arises from our emotional center, the heart. On the other hand, contempt is a feeling of disdain or disrespect towards someone, which originates from our rational mind, the head.

While hatred is often associated with strong emotions and impulsive actions, contempt is a more calculated and deliberate emotion. It arises when we perceive someone as inferior or unworthy of our respect. Contempt can lead to a sense of superiority and a desire to distance ourselves from the object of our contempt.

Understanding the difference between hatred and contempt can help us manage our emotions and interactions with others. By recognizing when we are feeling contemptuous, we can take steps to address our biases and prejudices and treat others with the respect they deserve. Ultimately, the quote reminds us that our emotions and thoughts are interconnected and that we must strive to cultivate compassion and understanding in both our hearts and our heads.