I come back to the same thing: We’ve got the greatest pipeline in the company’s history in the next 12 months, and we’ve had the most amazing financial results possible over the last five years, and we’re predicting being back at double-digit revenue growth in fiscal year ’06.

Steve Ballmer


The Quote in Other Words

I keep emphasizing that our company has an exceptional pipeline for the next year, which is the best in our history. Additionally, we have achieved outstanding financial outcomes in the past five years, and we anticipate a return to double-digit revenue growth in fiscal year ’06.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the optimism and confidence of a company’s leadership regarding its future prospects. The speaker emphasizes the strength of the company’s pipeline, which refers to the products or services that are in development and expected to be released in the near future. This suggests that the company is investing in innovation and growth, which can lead to increased revenue and market share.

The speaker also mentions the company’s financial results over the past five years, which indicates a track record of success and stability. This can instill confidence in investors and stakeholders, as well as attract new customers and talent. The prediction of double-digit revenue growth in the upcoming fiscal year further reinforces the positive outlook for the company’s future.

Overall, this quote reflects the importance of innovation, financial performance, and growth in the success of a company. It highlights the need for companies to invest in their future and continuously strive for improvement in order to remain competitive and achieve long-term success.