In the modern media age we are rarely surprised by what we see. Whether it’s on television or film or in the theatre, everything is so advertised, so trailed, that most entertainment is merely what you thought it was going to be like.

Jane Pauley


The Quote in Other Words

In today’s media-dominated world, it’s rare to be caught off guard by what we witness. Whether it’s on the small or big screen, or even in live performances, everything is so heavily promoted and previewed that most forms of entertainment end up being exactly what we anticipated.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the issue of predictability in modern media. With the constant bombardment of trailers, teasers, and promotional material, audiences are rarely surprised by what they see on screen. This can lead to a sense of disappointment and disillusionment, as the element of surprise is lost.

However, this also raises the question of whether predictability is always a bad thing. In some cases, audiences may seek out familiar genres or storylines as a form of comfort or escapism. Additionally, the predictability of certain media can allow for deeper exploration of themes and characters, as the audience already has a basic understanding of the narrative.

Overall, while the lack of surprise in modern media can be frustrating, it is important to consider the role of predictability in shaping our expectations and experiences as viewers.