As a system of philosophy it is not like the Tower of Babel, so daring its high aim as to seek a shelter against God’s anger but it is like a pyramid poised on its apex.

Adam Sedgwick


The Quote in Other Words

The philosophy system is not comparable to the Tower of Babel, which aimed to defy God’s wrath, but rather resembles a pyramid balanced on its tip.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the nature of philosophy as a system of thought. It suggests that philosophy is not a reckless attempt to challenge or defy God, but rather a structured and balanced approach to understanding the world around us. The comparison to a pyramid poised on its apex implies that philosophy is a delicate balance of ideas and concepts, carefully constructed to achieve a specific goal.

The Tower of Babel, on the other hand, represents a different kind of ambition. It was a symbol of human arrogance and pride, an attempt to reach the heavens and challenge God’s authority. In contrast, the pyramid represents a more humble and measured approach to knowledge and understanding.

Overall, this quote suggests that philosophy is a noble pursuit, one that seeks to understand the world and our place in it. It reminds us that we must approach this pursuit with humility and respect, recognizing the limits of our knowledge and the complexity of the universe we inhabit.