My inspiration was my mom. She’s a great cook, and she still cooks, and we still banter back and forth about cooking. Growing up in a mostly Portuguese community, food was important and the family table was extremely important. At a very young age I understood that.

Robertson Davies


The Quote in Other Words

My mother was my source of motivation. She possesses excellent culinary skills and continues to cook. We engage in playful arguments about cooking. Being raised in a predominantly Portuguese neighborhood, food held significant value, and the family dining table was of utmost importance. I comprehended this at a tender age.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the importance of family and food in shaping one’s identity and passions. The author’s mother served as a source of inspiration, instilling a love for cooking and a deep appreciation for the family table. Growing up in a Portuguese community, the author was exposed to the cultural significance of food and the role it plays in bringing people together.

The author’s experience underscores the power of tradition and the ways in which it can shape our values and interests. By embracing the culinary traditions of their community, the author was able to connect with their heritage and develop a passion for cooking. This quote also speaks to the importance of family relationships and the ways in which they can shape our lives and passions.

Overall, this quote highlights the ways in which our upbringing and cultural background can shape our interests and passions. By embracing our traditions and connecting with our families, we can find inspiration and meaning in our lives.