There is such amazing talent at Disney. My job is 100% creative, and I am very excited to creatively lead them.

John Lasseter


The Quote in Other Words

Disney has an abundance of exceptional talent, and I am thrilled to be in a position where my work is entirely focused on creativity. I am eager to take on the role of creative leader and guide them towards success.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the importance of creativity in the workplace, particularly in the entertainment industry. The speaker acknowledges the incredible talent at Disney and expresses excitement about leading them in a creative capacity. This suggests that creativity is not only valued but also essential for success in this field.

Furthermore, the quote implies that creativity is not limited to certain roles or departments but is necessary across the board. Even in a leadership position, the speaker emphasizes the importance of being creative. This highlights the need for a culture of creativity and innovation in the workplace, where everyone is encouraged to think outside the box and contribute their unique ideas.

Overall, this quote emphasizes the importance of creativity in the entertainment industry and the need for a culture that fosters and values it. It also highlights the role of leadership in promoting and encouraging creativity among employees.