Human beings should be held accountable. Leave God alone. He has enough problems.

Elie Wiesel


The Quote in Other Words

We should hold humans responsible and not bother God, who already has plenty of issues to deal with.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the importance of taking responsibility for our actions as human beings. It suggests that we should not rely on God to solve our problems or absolve us of our mistakes. Instead, we should hold ourselves accountable for our actions and strive to make amends when we have done wrong.

At the same time, the quote acknowledges that God has enough problems of his own to deal with. This could be interpreted as a reminder that we should not burden God with our own shortcomings, but rather take responsibility for them ourselves.

Overall, this quote emphasizes the importance of personal accountability and the need to take ownership of our actions. It encourages us to be proactive in addressing our mistakes and working towards a better future, rather than relying on external forces to solve our problems.