To my mind the old masters are not art their value is in their scarcity.

Thomas A. Edison


The Quote in Other Words

In my opinion, the old masters do not represent art, but rather their worth lies in their rarity.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote suggests that the value of old masters lies not in their artistic merit, but rather in their rarity. It implies that the scarcity of these works is what makes them valuable, rather than their inherent beauty or skill. This raises questions about the nature of art and its value. Is art only valuable if it is rare? Can something be considered art if it lacks artistic merit? Additionally, this quote highlights the role of the art market in determining the value of art. It suggests that the value of art is not solely determined by its artistic qualities, but also by external factors such as supply and demand. Overall, this quote challenges us to consider the complex relationship between art, value, and the market.