Good satire comes from anger. It comes from a sense of injustice, that there are wrongs in the world that need to be fixed. And what better place to get that well of venom and outrage boiling than a newsroom, because you’re on the front lines.

Carl Hiaasen


The Quote in Other Words

Effective satire stems from a feeling of anger and a recognition of injustice in the world that requires correction. The ideal source for this intense emotion is a newsroom, as it places one on the forefront of current events.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the power of satire as a tool for social commentary and change. Satire is not just about making people laugh; it is about exposing the injustices and wrongs in society that need to be addressed. The best satire comes from a place of anger and outrage, as it is fueled by a desire to fix these issues.

The newsroom is a particularly fertile ground for satire, as journalists are often on the front lines of uncovering and reporting on these injustices. They have a unique perspective on the world and can use their platform to shine a light on the issues that matter most. By using humor and wit to expose these issues, satire can be a powerful force for change.

Overall, this quote reminds us that satire is not just about entertainment; it is a powerful tool for social commentary and change. By tapping into our anger and sense of injustice, we can use satire to expose the wrongs in the world and work towards a better future.