Well just meeting J. K. Rowling was amazing because she created all this world. And all the fans, we all get so obsessed with it and then you met the one person who made it all up. It was just so amazing. And I was just so amazed that that she wrote this book and all of the films have happened.

Evanna Lynch


The Quote in Other Words

Meeting J.K. Rowling was an incredible experience as she is the mastermind behind the entire world that we have all become so enamored with. As fans, we become deeply invested in her creations, and to meet the person who brought it all to life was truly awe-inspiring. It was remarkable to think that she was the one who wrote the book that led to the creation of all the films.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the power of imagination and creativity. J.K. Rowling’s ability to create an entire world that has captivated millions of fans is truly remarkable. It shows that one person’s imagination can have a profound impact on the world.

Furthermore, the quote speaks to the idea of fandom and how it can bring people together. The fans’ obsession with the Harry Potter series is a testament to the power of storytelling and how it can create a sense of community among people from all walks of life.

Overall, this quote reminds us of the importance of creativity and the impact it can have on the world. It also highlights the power of fandom and how it can bring people together around a shared passion.