With so many amazing artists on one bill, we expect this concert to be incredibly powerful in its ability to raise both money and awareness for the long-term rebuilding effort we must all support.

Brad Delson


The Quote in Other Words

Given the presence of numerous exceptional artists in the lineup, we anticipate that this concert will have a tremendous impact in terms of generating funds and increasing awareness for the ongoing reconstruction initiative that we all need to back.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the potential of art to bring people together for a common cause. The concert mentioned in the quote is not just about entertainment, but also about raising funds and awareness for a long-term rebuilding effort. The power of art to inspire action and create change is undeniable, and this quote emphasizes the importance of using that power for good.

Furthermore, the quote suggests that the rebuilding effort is not something that can be accomplished quickly or easily. It requires sustained support and commitment from everyone involved. The concert is just one small part of a larger effort, but it has the potential to make a significant impact.

Overall, this quote reminds us of the transformative power of art and the importance of coming together to support important causes. It encourages us to use our talents and resources to make a positive difference in the world.