All anger is not sinful, because some degree of it, and on some occasions, is inevitable. But it becomes sinful and contradicts the rule of Scripture when it is conceived upon slight and inadequate provocation, and when it continues long.

Wilson Mizner


The Quote in Other Words

Not all anger is considered sinful, as it can be expected to some extent and in certain situations. However, it becomes sinful and goes against biblical teachings when it arises from insignificant or insufficient reasons and persists for an extended period of time.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the idea that anger is not inherently sinful, but rather the way in which it is expressed and the reasons behind it can determine its morality. It suggests that some degree of anger is natural and even necessary in certain situations, but when it is based on insignificant or insufficient reasons, it can become sinful and go against the teachings of Scripture.

The quote also emphasizes the importance of controlling one’s anger and not allowing it to persist for an extended period of time. This suggests that while anger may be a natural emotion, it is important to manage it in a way that is consistent with one’s values and beliefs.

Overall, this quote encourages individuals to reflect on the reasons behind their anger and to consider whether it aligns with their moral and ethical principles. It highlights the importance of self-control and the need to avoid allowing anger to consume one’s thoughts and actions.