Anger may be kindled in the noblest breasts: but in these slow droppings of an unforgiving temper never takes the shape of consistency of enduring hatred.

M. Kathleen Casey


The Quote in Other Words

Even the most honorable individuals can experience anger, but a persistent grudge that slowly festers within a person’s unforgiving nature will never transform into a steadfast and lasting hatred.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the idea that even the most noble and virtuous individuals can experience anger. However, it also suggests that this anger is not necessarily a negative emotion, as it can be a natural response to certain situations. What is important, however, is how this anger is expressed and managed.

The quote goes on to suggest that an unforgiving temper, one that holds onto anger and resentment, is not consistent with enduring hatred. This implies that while anger may be a temporary emotion, hatred requires a sustained effort to maintain. In other words, holding onto anger can be damaging, but it is not the same as holding onto hatred.

Overall, this quote highlights the importance of managing our emotions in a healthy and productive way. It suggests that while anger may be a natural response, it is important to let go of it and not allow it to turn into something more destructive.