Bombing Afghanistan back into the Stone Age’ was quite a favourite headline for some wobbly liberals. The slogan does all the work. But an instant’s thought shows that Afghanistan is being, if anything, bombed out of the Stone Age.

Christopher Hitchens


The Quote in Other Words

The phrase “Bombing Afghanistan back into the Stone Age” was a popular headline among some uncertain liberals. The slogan was effective, but upon reflection, it becomes clear that Afghanistan is actually being bombed out of the Stone Age.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the irony of using the phrase “bombing back into the Stone Age” to describe the destruction of Afghanistan. While the slogan may seem catchy and effective, it fails to acknowledge the reality of the situation. Afghanistan was not a primitive society before the bombings, and the destruction caused by the bombings has only served to further devastate the country.

Furthermore, the use of this phrase perpetuates harmful stereotypes about non-Western cultures being primitive and in need of Western intervention. It also ignores the complex history and political context of Afghanistan, reducing the country to a simplistic caricature.

Instead of relying on simplistic slogans and stereotypes, we must strive to understand the complexities of the situations we are facing. Only then can we work towards meaningful solutions that address the root causes of conflict and promote peace and justice for all.