I am of a healthy long lived race, and our minds improve with age.

William Butler Yeats


The Quote in Other Words

My race is known for its longevity and good health, and as we age, our mental faculties only get better.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the idea that age can bring wisdom and mental clarity. The speaker identifies as part of a “healthy long lived race,” suggesting that their longevity is a result of their physical and mental well-being. They also assert that their minds improve with age, indicating that they believe their mental faculties are sharpened over time.

This concept challenges the common belief that mental decline is an inevitable part of aging. Instead, it suggests that with proper care and attention, our minds can continue to grow and develop throughout our lives. It also highlights the importance of maintaining physical health as we age, as the two are often interconnected.

Overall, this quote encourages us to embrace the aging process and view it as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement. It reminds us that our minds are capable of great things, regardless of our age.