If you haven’t turned rebel by twenty you’ve got no heart if you haven’t turned establishment by thirty you’ve got no brains!

Kevin Spacey


The Quote in Other Words

If you haven’t become a rebel before the age of twenty, you lack passion, and if you haven’t become part of the establishment by thirty, you lack intelligence.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote suggests that rebellion is a natural and necessary part of youth, but that eventually, one must conform to the established norms of society. The idea is that youthful rebellion is driven by passion and idealism, while conformity is driven by practicality and wisdom.

However, this quote can also be interpreted as a criticism of the establishment, suggesting that those who conform lack creativity and innovation. It implies that the establishment is stagnant and resistant to change, while rebels are the ones who push boundaries and drive progress.

Ultimately, this quote highlights the tension between individualism and conformity, and the importance of finding a balance between the two. It suggests that rebellion and conformity are both necessary for personal growth and societal progress, and that the key is to know when to rebel and when to conform.