I’m at peace with myself and where I am. In the past, I was always looking to see how everybody else was doing. I wasn’t competitive, I was comparative. I just wanted to be where everybody else was. Now I’ve gotten to an age when I am not comparing anymore.

Courteney Cox


The Quote in Other Words

I have found inner tranquility and contentment with my current state. Previously, I had a tendency to constantly compare myself to others rather than striving to compete with them. I simply desired to be on par with everyone else. However, as I have grown older, I have ceased this habit of comparison.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the idea of finding inner peace and contentment with oneself. The author reflects on their past tendency to constantly compare themselves to others, always striving to be where everyone else was. However, as they have grown older, they have come to a realization that this constant comparison was not serving them well. Instead, they have learned to let go of the need to compete and compare themselves to others, and have found a sense of peace in simply being where they are.

This quote highlights the importance of self-acceptance and the dangers of constantly comparing oneself to others. When we are always looking to see how others are doing, we can become consumed with envy, jealousy, and feelings of inadequacy. However, when we learn to let go of these comparisons and focus on our own journey, we can find a sense of peace and contentment that is not dependent on external factors.

Ultimately, this quote reminds us that true happiness and fulfillment come from within, and that we must learn to accept and love ourselves for who we are, rather than constantly striving to be someone else.