Marriage is not about age it’s about finding the right person.

Sophia Bush


The Quote in Other Words

Marriage is not determined by age, but rather by discovering the suitable individual.


Explanation of the Quote

The quote “Marriage is not about age it’s about finding the right person” highlights the importance of finding the right partner rather than focusing on age as a determining factor for marriage. Age is just a number, and it does not guarantee a successful marriage. It is essential to find someone who shares your values, beliefs, and interests to build a strong and lasting relationship.

Finding the right person for marriage requires patience, understanding, and a willingness to compromise. It is not about settling for someone just because they fit a certain age bracket or societal expectations. Instead, it is about finding someone who complements you and brings out the best in you.

In conclusion, the quote emphasizes that age should not be the sole factor in deciding to get married. It is crucial to find the right person who shares your vision for the future and is committed to building a strong and healthy relationship. Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and finding the right partner is the first step towards a fulfilling and happy life together.