Nearly all the powerful people of this age are unbelievers, the best of them in doubt and misery, the most in plodding hesitation, doing as well as they can, what practical work lies at hand.

John Ruskin


The Quote in Other Words

Most of the influential individuals in this era do not believe in religion, with even the most exceptional among them experiencing uncertainty and distress, while the majority engage in cautious and deliberate actions to accomplish the tasks at hand.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the idea that many of the most influential people in our society today are not necessarily religious or spiritual. Instead, they may be focused on practical matters and the day-to-day tasks that need to be accomplished. This can lead to a sense of doubt and uncertainty, as they struggle to find meaning and purpose in their work.

At the same time, however, there is a sense of resilience and determination in these individuals. They may not have all the answers, but they are willing to work hard and do what needs to be done. This can be seen as a form of courage, as they face the challenges of the world with a sense of determination and grit.

Overall, this quote suggests that there is a complex interplay between faith, doubt, and practicality in our modern world. While many may struggle with these issues, there is also a sense of strength and resilience that can emerge from this struggle.