Why do people talk of the horrors of old age? It’s great. I feel like a fine old car with the parts gradually wearing out, but I’m not complaining,… Those who find growing old terrible are people who haven’t done what they wanted with their lives.

Martha Gellhorn


The Quote in Other Words

Why do individuals speak of the terrors of aging? It’s wonderful. I sense like a classic car with components gradually deteriorating, but I’m not grumbling,… Those who view aging as dreadful are those who have not accomplished their desired goals in life.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote challenges the common perception that old age is something to be feared and dreaded. Instead, the speaker compares themselves to a well-loved car that has been used and enjoyed over time. They acknowledge that their body may not be as strong as it once was, but they do not complain about it.

The speaker suggests that those who find growing old terrible are likely people who have not accomplished what they wanted in life. This could be interpreted in a few different ways. Perhaps these individuals feel unfulfilled or regretful about missed opportunities. Alternatively, they may have set unrealistic expectations for themselves and feel disappointed that they have not achieved them.

Overall, this quote encourages us to embrace the aging process and appreciate the experiences and memories that come with it. It also reminds us to live our lives to the fullest and pursue our passions, so that we can look back on our lives with satisfaction and contentment.